Custom Fit

Custom Fit
Custom Fit

Here at Craig Donnelly Golf we use the latest technologies to reach and successfully fit all standards of golfers.

How many hours a year do you spend with your golf clubs? If you play more than 10 rounds of golf a year, then you should spend an hour of your time and enjoy a professional fitting session at Craig Donnelly golf. Find out the features your clubs must have in order to help and not hinder you.

We capture all the required data using state-of-the-art Doppler technology, our Trackman golf radar tracker. With a full armoury of test clubs from all the leading brands at your disposal, you can try out and discover which equipment is right for you.

We stock and fit golf clubs from the leading golf brands:

  • Taylor Made
  • Ping
  • Callaway
  • Cobra
  • Titleist (including vokey wedge fitting)
  • Mizuno
  • Cleveland Golf

Trackman Technology

We use Trackman, which is recognised as the leading radar tracking device in the golf industry. The Trackman system is used by most of the top players in the world to determine all the facts about their game & equipment. Trackman is the best way to get the BEST results for YOUR game.

Technology has taken sport to a level of competition unlike anything seen before. More accurate sports measurement systems have resulted in improvements in many aspects of many sports - not only for players, but for spectators, too. One such technological advent is that of 3D ball tracking. This is great for golfers, for example, who are looking for a ball tracking monitor or 3D golf radar and a method of golf swing analysis that provides genuinely useful feedback. If you've been wondering how 3D Doppler tracking works to enhance your game, wonder no more! The secret of FlightScope's 3D ball tracking success lies in the patented phased array tracking technology that is used in the device.The two main technological aspects of the Trackman motion tracking device are its radar technology (very similar to that which is used in the military), and its advanced industrial electronics.

So what does this mean for you in a practical sense? Well, it means you have access to a level of ball measurement and ball tracking that is difficult to beat. Contact us for a fitting, Tel: 01592 721 370 or 01382 770028 or 0124831112 or Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Custom Fit costs £40.00 per session. Click here to book online.

What happens during a custom fit?

  • A few questions: We'll ask you some questions about your game, your current equipment and what you'd like to get out of your game. Hit some shots: our custom fitter will observe you as you hit shots with you current clubs and the TrackMan monitor will record your personal stats which includes club head speed, launch attack and the ball spin-rate - you don't need to understand all of this, that's why we are here!
  • Try different clubs: Having reviewed the stats we will try out different brands, specifications and shafts until we find the equipment that delivers the optimum performance.
  • Narrow it down for you: We will then discuss our suggestions and recommendations with you.
  • Finish: That's it - there is no obligation to buy, but should you wish to and we have the right set-up in stock you can purchase there and then; some products need to be ordered bespoke from the manufacturer.

Our custom fitting service lasts approximately 45 minutes should you choose to order your clubs from Craig Donnelly golf you will receive the £40.00 back off the order/purchase total (within 28 days of fitting).

Club Gapping

This allows you to find out how far you hit each golf club in your bag, a must for the serious golfer.

Cost from £20.00 per session. Click here to book your session online.